29 weeks

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Week 29 can be best described as “hectic.” It was standardized testing week at school so I had to be at work early each day. Noah had three baseball games this week and Tommy was on call all three of those nights. We had commitments every night and I was running around like crazy! It was so nuts that I did not realize that I hadn’t made the chalkboard for this week until today- the last day of my 29th week.

I was fortunate to have two baby showers this week– one with my hall of awesome co-workers and another with the UT Scrubmates, a group of residents’ wives that I help coordinate. We also had several key items arrive this week from out-of-town family members, like our bassinets, a changing table, and a dresser. Our twins have been truly SHOWERED with love and many gifts.

I have felt good this week, but pretty tired from being on my feet so much with the constant pacing required by test proctoring. Spending almost two hours walking in circles around a classroom each day has taken a toll on my feet! My heels are badly cracked and rough but my pregnancy belt has been awesome at helping distribute the baby weight. I’m amazed that my back hasn’t hurt this week with all the walking.

Next week, I go back to the doctor to check the babies’ fluid and make sure everything is still going smoothly.


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