Cloth Diapering: How It Works

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Our Diaper-Changing Setup

We have the babies’ changing station set up in our bedroom since they are still sleeping in our room in their bassinets. As you see in the picture above, we use a contoured changing pad. We also use disposable wipes right now, though I plan to start cloth wipes soon. We were delayed in using cloth wipes because the twins broke the wipe warmer by taking turns kicking the warmer off the dresser until the lid broke. Now that I have the plastic wipes case, I will start using that to store my cloth wipes–  once I run out of the wipes that are currently in there. You can also see the disposable diapers to the left of the changing table. We use those for bedtime only. I also keep diaper rash ointment, lotion, vaseline, hand sanitizer and a little toiletry bag with the babies’ brushes and nail clippers beside the changing pad. To the left of the dresser, hanging on my closet door, is the wet bag I have for the used cloth diapers.

wet bagI have two large Planet Wise wet bags that I rotate to keep the used cloth diapers in and I LOVE them! I have the large 17″ x 21″ bags and they can hold about 16-24 cloth diapers. When I am ready to wash, I throw the wet bag, turned inside out, into the washer with the cloth diapers and use the other bag. It’s so easy! There is also an extra compartment on the outside of the bag for dry items, if you need it. 

Where We Keep Our Cloth Diapers

IMG_4179Please excuse the mess on top of their dresser 😉 Normally, the Snuzzlers are not kept with our diaper stash but I am running out of storage space in our bedroom. Yes, the babies’ dresser is also in our bedroom until they move upstairs to the nursery. It was just so much easier than having to go upstairs multiple times a day for new outfits. Emry’s reflux issues cause her to change outfits multiple times a day! It’s better to keep extra onesies close by!

We have two canvas totes on top of the dresser (two drawers from their changing table upstairs) to keep the 40-ish cloth diapers that we use. I also keep some extra cloth diaper inserts in the tote if we need them. We haven’t used extra inserts yet, but since Eli is a heavy wetter, I suspect we will have to start doubling the inserts soon! The small blue bag in the middle of the picture is a small G Diapers wet bag that we keep in their Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag. We use the G diapers bag for wet cloth diapers (or wet clothes!) when we are out and about.


Our Wash Routine for Cloth Diapers

We have about 44 cloth diapers in rotation. We use about 16 cloth diapers a day, 8 per baby. I have to wash diapers every other day so we always have enough clean ones. I use Purex Free and Clear (the white bottle) for all of our laundry, including our cloth diapers. I have a huge stock of Purex in our laundry room because Kroger has some great deals on it every few weeks and I stock up when I can save money.

Using cloth diapers means less money spent at the store on disposable diapers, but it does mean a LOT more laundry at my house! There has been an increase in our water and electric utility bills too. The washing part is actually pretty simple though. Once the wet bag is full with about 20 cloth diapers, I put all the diapers and the wet bag turned inside out into the washer. I make sure that all the pocket inserts have been taken out of the cloth diapers when I am putting them into the washer. The wash routine is just a cold rinse, a hot wash with Purex F&C detergent and a second cold rinse to make sure all the soap is out of the diapers. I dry everything in the dryer on low heat. Once they are completely dry, I put the inserts back into the pocket cloth diapers, fold our all-in-one cloth diapers (the BumGenius ones) and they are ready to wear again! I have not had to deal with staining on the diapers or stripping the cloth diapers yet (when they get a strong ammonia smell) but I will let you know how it goes when we have to cross that road!

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