Our Very Hungry 1st Birthday! {Part 2}

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{Part 2} is all about the BIRTH day!! Big brother Noah had a tonsillectomy 2 days before the twins’ birthday (Tuesday.) MaMarcia and Auntie Amy came to help out post-surgery because Tommy had to be on call at the hospital on Wednesday and I was nervous about taking care of all three kids solo for 24+ hours post Noah’s surgery. Noah did great with his surgery and recovery, but he also enjoyed the one-on-one attention of having 3 adults to 3 kids for a couple of days! Auntie Amy bought the babies mini-cupcakes to have for BREAKFAST on their birthday, before she and MaMarcia had to head back home to middle TN that morning (Thursday.)

As you can see from the facial expressions below, the twins were not quite sure what to think about the cupcakes. Emry Jane pulled the icing off and ate some of the cake part. Eli devoured as much of his cupcake as he could 🙂

IMG_2704 IMG_2723

After breakfast, I took advantage of having TWO photography assistants (Amy and Marcia) and snapped the babies’ 12 month monthly photos before morning nap. I painted those VHC onesies the night before for the monthly photo and to wear again during the smash cake portion of their birthday party. I made the polka dot bow and matching bow tie from fabric that matched Emry Jane’s birthday party dress. You can find more photos from this little shoot in their 12 month blog post.


We did cupcakes AGAIN in the afternoon, after Daddy got home from work, so Daddy could be there and sing “Happy Birthday” with us. (We saved that part to do with him.) By the second time, the babies were PROS at that cupcake business 🙂

IMG_2733 IMG_2742 IMG_2754The babies really like the splash pad so we decided that is where they would want to go to celebrate their special day. IMG_2760

Way to “mean mug” for the camera, Princess 🙂IMG_2761 IMG_2770 IMG_2775

Two days post-surgery, Noah could not do much but he did sit around in the water with the babies. They were not too fond of the idea of being held down for this picture 🙂

Eli loved the buckets that dumped water, as long as it was splashing his body and not over his head!

Emry Jane taking a few steps on her own at the splash pad. She is a pro at walking now, but at the time, this was a BIG deal. IMG_2798Birthday babies enjoying all this splash pad fun…and their awesome Daddy who is always willing to get soaked for them (while Mommy stays relatively dry on the sidelines.)

After the splash pad, we picked up Chick-fil-a for dinner. The twins really like the chicken nuggets and fruit cup. I think that is where they would have picked for their birthday dinner. It was such a great day, filled with family, fun and LOVE!

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