Our Very Hungry 1st Birthday! {Part 4}

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This is final chapter of the twins’ first birthday story, I promise! If you are just starting the story, click here and start at {Part 1.}

The first birthday is a BIG deal to me, especially with the twins. So many twin mamas just tell you to survive the first year (some say six months) and it really does feel like you are just surviving at times. When we all made it to 12 months of the sweet twin life, it was cause for big celebration! I am glad that our families were able to travel for the birthday celebration. Most of {Part 4} is about the family that came to celebrate Eli and Emry Jane with us! My brother Dalton took these photos and they are my very favorite ones because he captured the LOVE of our family and our children!! While I was busy setting out food or decorating and running around with my head cut off, Dalton was capturing these sweet moments. I love seeing all the LOVE. 

Don’t those photos just melt your heart?! They do mine. Here are a few others that he took of the decor: VH1B.1nwmAmy made this sign on the chalkboard in our dining room. VH1B.4nwmThe food table, complete with all the VHC food labels. Of course, because of my OCD, the foods were arranged on the table in Days of the Week order. IMG_3551Sweet Emry Jane’s new caterpillar friend 🙂
IMG_3660Awesome caterpillar cupcakes from Tracy Best!VH1B.8nwm VH1B.7nwmAwesome smash cakes, also by Tracy Best!IMG_4004 IMG_4007 IMG_4025 IMG_4041 IMG_4045 IMG_4049VH1B.15nwmVH1B.14nwmI know, I know. You are saying “Goodness, Woman! Are you going to put 30 pictures in one blog post?!” Maybe. IMG_3830Present time, present time!!IMG_3828We had to get Daddy in one of these photos!IMG_3928IMG_3906IMG_3796That big smile is just for big brother. IMG_3749Typical Emry Jane face. I love it.

Thank you for sticking with me to the end! If you read all four birthday posts, I’ll give you a dollar. Haha.

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