#NoahsDisneyBirthday {Day 1}

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I’m going to break down our Disney trip into multiple posts, so that it is not one super long post. I think the easiest way to do it will just be to split it into the days that we were there. We left Friday mid-morning for Disney. Our local airport is pretty small, so we did not give ourselves a ton of time at the airport before our departure because it is usually very easy to get through check-in then security and to your gate in a brief amount of time; HOWEVER, we did not realize that flying with infant twins would be such a hassle.

  1. Parents with lap infant twins cannot sit in the same group of seats (unless separated by an aisle) because there are only 4 drop-down oxygen masks per group of 2-3 seats. In the event of an emergency, there would not be a mask for our extra child… and every single plane that we were on (4 total) dealt with this differently. We had booked our seats online, unaware of this issue, so at least one of our seat assignments “had to” be changed before we could get our boarding passes.
  2. We had this issue on every plane and had to wait in line at the gate desk EVERY time to fix this seating issue. On one flight, they just told us to pull a mask from the row in front or behind us, if needed. Thankfully, we never needed oxygen masks.
  3. The double stroller and all baby paraphernalia need detailed screenings… even if you THINK the stroller has been cleared because no security person is standing ANYWHERE near it– it’s still being tested, apparently to see if it self-destructs. They will yell at you. The stroller did prove beneficial on our return trip because they sent us through the wheelchair-accessible line because it was wider (and much faster!)
  4. Did you know that toddlers won’t just sit quietly on your lap and eat their snack and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on their Kindle?! Us either. (*sarcasm. “Lap” infant is a joke… it’s like a super long game of musical chairs.)

Noah was very helpful during the flights and through the airports, even when we made him sprint through concourses to catch our connecting flight. That was not fun. Emry Jane liked to sit in Noah’s lap and watch the world go by through the airplane window.

Once we made it to Orlando, we boarded the Magical Express for our resort, Art of Animation. Eli took a little catnap on the way to the resort. We had set up Fast Passes for rides at Hollywood Studios for that evening. Once we got to the resort and dropped off things in our room, we hopped onto the shuttle for Hollywood Studios park!

Noah’s first Fast Pass was for Star Tours. He was so excited about it and, thanks to Rider Switch,  he got to ride it once with each of us. Emry Jane napped in the stroller while Eli and I watched the Trials of the Jedi show outside the Star Tours ride. He was fascinated by the show until Kylo Ren came out, then he was terrified. When we went to the Star Wars Launch Bay to MEET Kylo Ren, Eli went into hysterics once we were in the same room as him. The Disney Photo Pass lady got a picture of Eli screaming, while I was trying to get this picture of Kylo Ren and Noah together.


Noah and Tommy rode Tower of Terror together while the twins and I waited to order food nearby. Waiting in line for “Quick Service” meals was probably the worst part of the entire trip for me– it always took FOREVER. Tommy and Noah rode the ride via their Fast Passes then joined me in the food-ordering line. That’s crazy. After we ate, we used our last Fast Pass to see Fantasmic. It was a great show! Eli loved the music and fountains. Emry Jane was ECSTATIC to see Mickey Mouse. She was waving her arms and screaming “hi, hi, hi!” to Mickey. It was one of those “This is totally worth it” moments. Noah loved it too, especially all the cool villains in the show… and he got a light-up Mickey wand after.

After Fantasmic, we were ALL ready for bed. We watched the Hollywood Studios’ Star Wars fireworks as we walked back to the shuttle. The kids were asleep within minutes of lying in their beds. Tommy bought us a mini-bottle of Chardonnay to celebrate surviving our first solo day. It was a great first day– and the reinforcements (grandparents and great grandparents) were arriving in the morning 🙂

Click on {Day 2} to continue reading about our trip to Disney World.


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