Eli & Emry Jane turned TWO!

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I think I’m long overdue for a blog post, considering that our twins turned two over THREE months ago. Oops. In our defense, we did move to Chapel Hill, NC during their birthday week and have been very busy unpacking, working (well, just Tommy,) and making friends since then. Eli and Emry Jane LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so having a Mickey & Minnie-themed birthday party was a given. We had multiple family members come into town to celebrate with us: Meema, Pawpaw, MaMarsh and Granddaddy Jer all traveled to spend the weekend in NC. Nana, Papa, Dalton, Savannah and Christopher didn’t have to travel to us at all this year (because they live here in NC) AND Nana and Papa hosted the birthday party for us at their neighborhood pool and their house.

PawPaw’s birthday is the day before the twins, so we all went to dinner and to a surprise Durham Bulls baseball game that Friday night to celebrate HIS birthday! Poor PawPaw got overshadowed by the babies for the rest of the weekend, but we did try to make his day special as well 😉


Nana, Savannah and Dalton were also at the game with us. I just didn’t manage to get a picture of everyone at the game. It was very HOT and humid at the Bulls game but we had a  great time. The kids loved playing the carnival-style games at the stadium. Eli was not a fan of the fireworks at the end of the game, but it was also way past his bedtime at that point. PawPaw bought the kids a game ball each and Noah even got a Bulls jersey! It was big fun for all!!

Saturday was party day! We opted for an early birthday party (10am) so that the twins could stay on their afternoon nap schedule. We all met at my parents neighborhood pool to start the party. It was a pretty overcast day, but that didn’t stop the kids from having a blast. The adults weren’t that excited about the cool water, though it was GREAT to have so many extra sets of hands to chase the three kids!

After swimming, we went back to Nana and Papa’s house for lunch and cupcakes. My friend at Sew Happy in Knoxville made Eli and Emry Jane adorable embroidered “I’m TWO-ddles” Minnie and Mickey shirts. They love them and wear them at least once a week, even three months later! My mom had the Mickey and Minnie cupcakes made by a lady at her church. Since we moved the NC four days before the birthday party, the twins didn’t get a crafty party this year (You’ve seen the Very Hungry Caterpillar first birthday, right?!) and we owed my parents a huge “thank you” for taking over all the details of the party for us. It turned out fantastic.

Eli got mad that his cupcake bottom separated from the top/iced part and that his mini-oreo Mickey ears fell off his cupcake. It involved a big meltdown and we had to replace his cupcake with another whole one to get him to stop crying– starting the two year old tantrums right out of the gate, haha.

Check out those adorable shirts by Sew Happy!

After lunch, the twins took a nap upstairs in their pack-n-plays. (Side note, I love that my parents and my in-laws both have 2 pack-n-plays at their house so that we do not have to travel with these beds when we visit them! They also let us borrow them if we need them for trips.) Noah and my brother Christopher worked on putting together a Star Wars puzzle and then we played one of our favorite family games Ticket to Ride while a few of the grandparents and great grandparents took a snooze 🙂

Noah had a great time being entertained by his uncles after the birthday party.

After the twins’ nap, we headed back to our house so the twins could open more presents. I think their favorite present was an electric bubble blower. They spent a lot of time playing with it, but unfortunately, we didn’t keep it out of reach of our biggest kid and Noah accidentally knocked it over and broke the fan. We’ll have to find a replacement bubble blower soon!

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