Noah turns NINE!

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It just doesn’t seem possible that the precious boy that made me a mama is already nine years old. I’m not sure how that happened. Every year, I ask Noah the same list of questions because he and I both enjoy and seeing how his favorites/goals change each year. His new answers are in bold print. I included previous years’ answers too, so you can just how much changes in such a short time, through the eyes of our nine-year-old boy 🙂


Breakfast: Breakfast Burritos that Mama Jennie makes, Eggs and Bacon from Mom, Omelet from Dad (2016) Sausage, CHEWY Bacon, Scrambled Eggs WITH Cheese (2015)

Lunch: Macaroni N Cheese (2016) or Thanksgiving Lunch, Cheeseburger and Fries (2015)

Dinner: Breakfast Food (2016 and 2017) Chicken Nuggets, Mashed Potatoes, Macaroni N Cheese (2015)

Fruit: Pineapple, Strawberries (2016) Grapes (2015)


Vegetable: Broccoli (2016) and Carrots, Cooked Whole Baby Carrots (2015)

Treat: Candy, but not Licorice, Cookie Dough Ice Cream (2016) Slush from Sonic (2015)

Drink: White Milk (2015- 2017)

Activity at School: Reading and Writing, Recess (2016 and 2015)

“Subject” at School: Writing/Reading (2016 and 2017) Math (2015)

Color: “Any kind of Blue” Teal (2016) Blue (2015)

Toy: Kindle and XBOX, Star Wars Legos (2016) His New Transformer Cars (2015)

Animal: Cheetah (2015-2017) and Otter

Book: Series of Unfortunate Events, Star Wars Books (2016) “I Can Read” Superhero Books (2015)

Song: “Rude” by Magic! Star-Spangled Banner (2016) Somewhere Over the Rainbow (2015)

Holiday: Christmas, Halloween (2015 and 2016)


Season: Winter

Sport: Hockey (2016 and 2017) and “Watching Football” Baseball (2015)


Thing to Do with Mom: Watch Movies (2017) & “Watch Movies & Cuddle” (2016) Play with Legos (2015)

Thing to Do with Dad: Play Basketball, Play Baseball (2016) Gardening (2015)

Thing to Do as a Family: Go Out to Dinner, Go on Vacation (2016) Go to the Park, Spend Time Together (2015)

Thing to Do at Home: Play, Play Legos (2016) Watch Movies (2015)

Best Friend: Tucker, Luke (2016) Noah H (2015)

What He Wants to Be when He Grows Up: “A Builder and an Artist AND a Scientist.” Builder/Boss (2016) Fireman (2015)

Favorite TV Show: Pokémon, Cooking Shows (2016)

Favorite Movie: Rogue One (which is a Star Wars movie,) Star Wars (2016)

The questions we added in 2016: 

*What have you learned how to do in the past year? Noah: “Learned how to play hockey.” In 2016, Noah learned “how to behave, especially with the babies.”

Noah really enjoyed his first hockey season this year. At the beginning of the season, he REALLY wanted to play goalie, but that waned as the season went on. He did play goalie in a mock shootout during an intermission of a Carolina Hurricanes game back in December!


*What are you really good at? Noah: “Playing sports.” In 2016, Noah said “Math.”

Noah has lots of natural athletic ability and he is good at playing sports. He says that he wants to try several more sports during our time in North Carolina.

*What do you want to learn how to do in the next year? Noah: “How to play soccer better.”  In 2016, Noah said, “I want to learn how to cook awesome food.”

Noah started soccer again (he played two seasons when he was 4/5 years old) last week and has his first soccer game tomorrow morning. He has only had one practice because of Spring Break, so I think he is a little nervous about how the game will go tomorrow, but he’s spent a lot of time practicing in our backyard for the past several weeks.

*How many teeth have you lost so far? Noah: “Eight. How many do I have left to go?”  In 2016, he had lost 6 teeth so far.

I truly have no idea how many he has lost or has left to lose at this point. The tooth fairy will just keep showing up until there are no more teeth under the pillow.

Noah’s 9th Birthday Party!!


Noah wanted to have a Pokemon birthday party this year. He picked the invitation that he wanted from Etsy and he even addressed the envelopes to his friends when we mailed the invites. He also had very clear instructions on how he wanted his cupcakes to look. He wanted “poke balls with a Pokemon coming out of them.” I found these great Pokemon cut-outs on Etsy, but I REALLY struggled finding someone to make the cupcakes. In the end, I ended up making them myself. He loved them AND the boys said that they tasted really good. Big win for Mama!


We had Noah’s birthday party with friends at a local trampoline park called DefyGravity. Seven of Noah’s friends came to jump with us. One of Noah’s friends, Carson, even came all the way from Tennessee to spend the weekend with him! Nana also came to help chase the twins with us. We all had a great time, especially Noah. It was a great birthday party!

Noah had his birthday party with friends on the Saturday before his actual birthday because Spring Break started on his birthday. The Thursday before his birthday, our NC family joined us at our house for dinner and presents. Noah chose breakfast for dinner. Since I had already made cupcakes for Noah’s birthday party, I decided to go an easier route and ice cinnamon rolls and place them on a cupcake tower with candles for his birthday dinner. We had a great time at dinner. Nana, Papa and all my siblings were there with us, as well as Noah’s Grammy and PaPaw. Noah got lots of great presents, including a skateboard from Savannah. Nana, Papa and Dalton even played a couple rounds of PieFace with our kiddos before everyone left. I love that we have family birthday dinners together a priority, while we are all living in NC. I will definitely miss these birthday dinners when we move back to Tennessee in the summer of 2018.


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