Easter 2017

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Just a short and sweet post about Easter 🙂


Our oldest opted out of the Easter Bunny picture this year. He’s decided that he is much too cool for that! (I think nine years old is when the tween stage starts. Bummer.) The twins were much more excited to see the EB this year than they were last year, when they were terrified of him. We spent a couple days talking it up and watched him excitedly from the line for about 30 minutes before it was their turn.

The twins became pros at Easter egg-hunting because they did it three times over Easter week– once at preschool, once with our playgroup and once with their aunt and uncles at our house. They stayed true to their selection method every time, only choosing specific colors. Emry Jane wanted only “girl colors.” Eli was even more selected. On Tuesday at preschool, he only wanted YELLOW eggs. On Wednesday and Saturday, he agreed to pick up “boy colors,” but only have prompting to pick up more eggs!


Noah had Easter with his dad this year and my mom was in AL helping my grandmother recover after surgery, so Easter was not a full-family affair. My dad and siblings joined us for an Easter egg-hunt, church and dinner at our house on Saturday. Apparently, I had way too many eggs for the twins to find, plus I didn’t fill them because they had gotten so much candy already, so they were not really interested in actually collecting all the eggs from the year. At least they looked super cute in their Easter outfits!


Wild Man Eli with his messy hair. Always.

We went to Grace Church’s 5pm Easter service so that we could come home and cook dinner together after. It was a great service. I also think my husband was really excited to have steak for dinner!


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