1st Trimester Twin Belly Bumps

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photo 1

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photo 3     I did not have much of a baby bump before 11 weeks. I managed to keep it hidden at work (except from some close co-workers that see me every day!) until after our big twin announcement on NYE. The first trimester went OK with the exception of EXTREME exhaustion and some nausea. I could fall asleep almost anywhere at the drop of a hat. My husband teased that I had narcolepsy and Noah would ask me “Please stay awake and play/do this with me, Mommy.” I was blessed to not have morning sickness but I would get nauseated at night and certain smells/tastes made me gag. I did not have an appetite or feel hungry during the first trimester, which did not help in my weight gaining attempts. Thankfully, I began to feel better around 15 weeks. At that time, I started eating more– even when I did not feel hungry.

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