Announcing to the World: We are expecting TWINS!

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photo 1 We told our parents about the twins over Thanksgiving, but we kept it quiet from our families and son, Noah, until Christmas. We had a 50/50 chance at the beginning (6 weeks) that we could lose one baby, so we waited until we had better odds before telling others. Right before Christmas (9 weeks,) we announced to Noah that we were expecting “a baby.” He found out about two babies a few weeks later– right before we took our announcement photos. We told Noah with a big brother book with ultrasound pictures of each baby taped inside. He was speechless when we told him there were two– and Noah being speechless doesn’t happen often! We shocked many family members during our family Christmases with our ultrasound photos. On New Years Eve (at 11 weeks,) it was time to share our news with our friends and the social media world! I wanted NYE-themed announcement photos and we had awesome pictures taken professionally by Chelsea Magruder of Magruder Photo + Design. Tommy jokes that we were “trending” on New Year’s Eve because we got over 150+ likes and 60+ comments on our main announcement photo. Here are a few more of my favorites…

photo 3 photo 2 photo 4

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