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image      When T and I were discussing, planning and trying to add to our family, we never thought about the possibility of having twins! Shocked is an understatement of how we felt when we heard the words “there’s two” at our ultrasound before Thanksgiving. We are often asked “Do twins run in your family?” Neither of us have living twins in our family, but we now know my great-grandfather was a twn and my great-grandmother had twin siblings. The genes were in there somewhere– it just skipped a few generations– and surprise!! we are having di/di “fraternal twins, a boy and a girl at the end of June!

     Since I am a bit of a worrier and an uber planner, I have been reading as much about twins as possible. I participate in a July twins group message board (since my 40wk DD is July 19th) and ask my mommy-of-twins friends a bunch of questions as we prepare for this adventure! I have search Pinterest and other places for blogs about raising twins. I really like the truthful, “I’ve lived it”-ness of blogging and I have found a few good ones that I really like, but not many. This has led me to start writing my own. My hopes/goal for this blog is to provide family and other twin mommies with information about carrying and raising twins, as I live through it 🙂 

      Plans for this blog: weekly growing belly bump updates, baby registry/gear info, nursing and cloth diapering (plans, then reality!) and weight gain (and loss post twin pregnancy!) I welcome your support and comments as we partake in this great journey! *HC

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