*24 Weeks*

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photo 1 copy 5Tommy has been gone the past two weeks for work and I have not had anyone  to help take my 24 week picture. With just 1 day left in my 24th week, I decided to let Noah try his hand at photographer. They were all blurry and most did not even have my head in them. This picture is the best we could get, so it has to be good enough. Here is a better picture of the board, so that you can actually read all the details:

photo 2 copy 624 weeks is a big week! We have reached the first milestone of viability. Our next big milestone is 28 weeks when the babies have a 90% survival rate. Of course, they would still need quite a bit of time in the ICU at 28 weeks. We want them to keep growing in my tummy until as close to 36 weeks as possible! Or maybe even a little beyond… My OB informed me at my visit on Tuesday that new research has shown it is unnecessary to keep twins in the womb past 37 weeks. This means, if our twins are not here by week 37 then I will most likely be induced at that time– taking into account some other important factors like growth percentile, swelling and gestational diabetes. I got my lab results back today (Thursday) and I do not have gestational diabetes- woohoo! I am a bit anemic so I will have to take an iron supplement for a little while.

On Tuesday, I had my 24 week appointment and growth ultrasound. They do a growth ultrasound and measurements every 4 weeks with twins from this point forward. According to their measurements, both babies are measuring right on track and are both 50th percentile in growth. My OB says that it is normal for twin growth percentiles to decrease as time goes on– she said not to be surprised if it is 40th or less at the next growth ultrasound at 28 weeks. Right now, Baby Boy weighs approximately 1 pound 8 ounces and Baby Girl weighs approximately 1 pound 12 ounces. 🙂 That’s over 3 pounds of baby already! I start going to see my OB every 2 weeks now so they can monitor cervical length (a good 4.6cm right now) and swelling and what not. Only 12 or so weeks to go!!

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