Guess Their Names: Tuesday Edition :)

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photo-1Let’s have some fun! Tommy and I just decided the names for our sweet twins! We have been saying them so much to each other the past few days that I am afraid they will slip out when talking to someone else! We decided it was time to reveal them. The chalkboard has played a big part in my weekly blog posts and pictures, so I decided to use it to help announce our names! It’s time for YOU to make your guess. Please comment with your name guesses, one for each baby, TONIGHT (it will be more fun that way!) below this blog post. Each night this week, I will eliminate one name from each list and post the new picture to the blog. You can comment with new combinations/guesses each night, if you want! By Sunday, everyone will know which names we chose! Happy guessing 🙂


  1. My vote is for Olivia Kate and Grayson!! But do like the ring of emry jane. Has the same ring to it as Amy Jean 🙂

  2. Elijah and Sophia Rose. What do we win if we get it correct? I think winner should get to hold a baby…or two. 😉

  3. Well I would be crazy if I didn’t say Mason for a boy (bc that is my favorite for obvious reasons)..Emry Jane is my girl pic! Love them!!

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