Guess Their Names: Wednesday Edition

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Round One Elimination– how did your name predictions do?! πŸ™‚ I do not think anyone guessed “Sarah Beth” as our girl’s name (yes, our baby girl will have a double name.) Tommy says that’s because it makes everyone think of the Rascal Flatt’s song about the little girl with cancer. I did not even remember the song until heΒ  mentioned it late last night.That is NOT what I was thinking when we put it on this list! Sarah Beth was never in the running for our baby girl’s name– just one that Tommy came up with for the board. Cooper; however, was in the running for a while as a middle name, but we decided to choose something I think is even BETTER for our precious boy. His middle name will be Thomas– named after his Daddy and the love of my life. Fun little trivia, Thomas also means “twin.” It seems pretty fitting, don’t you think?!

IF you want to change your guesses, please comment below!

To add to the fun, we will do a DOUBLE elimination tomorrow!! πŸ™‚


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