Guess Their Names: Friday Finale!

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After 25+ weeks of discussing names with Tommy, we finally decided the full names of our sweet twins this past Sunday. We had Emry picked out as our girl name long before we knew that we were having twins. I bought a baby book of names right after finding out I was pregnant and Tommy said, “We don’t even need to look at girl names.” I remember jokingly asking him what if we had twin girls, but he was adamant that wouldn’t happen (even after we found out about the twins!) Her middle name was a little harder to choose. Tommy really liked Emry Rose or Emry Kate, but I was determined to name her after my wonderful Meema whose name is Jane. He called our baby girl Emry Rose for weeks before he finally agreed that he liked the name Emry Jane best. I cried when he finally agreed with me because naming our baby girl after my grandmother means so very much to me!

Our baby boy’s name Elijah actually came from both of us loving the name Eli. For those of you that do not know, our dog’s name is Manning and Cooper was in the running as our boy’s middle name. Can you imagine the captions on those photos?! “Eli Cooper and Manning are playing in the backyard.” It makes me think of “Where’s Peyton?!” We like football but not enough to name our children after the Manning family! We also liked that Elijah was a Biblical name, like our son Noah, and ended the same as Noah. I’m all about matching, haha. Elijah Thomas and Eli Thomas both flowed well together and that eventually sealed the deal on our boy name.

For every name we liked, we always did what I call the “Christmas Card Test.” How will it look/sound on our Christmas card? Tommy loved the name Garrison in the beginning– could you imagine that on our Christmas card?! Happy holidays from Tommy, Holly, Noah, Emry and GARRISON… It doesn’t work! It’s too strong of a name and doesn’t flow with the rest of our names. Now, our future Christmas cards will look something like this:
Happy Holidays!
Tommy, Holly, Noah, Eli & Emry Jane

Now that we know their sweet names, I am even more excited to meet them! Just 10 more weeks!!

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