27 Weeks

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photo 1 copy 7Since Tommy is out of town for work for a few more days, Noah had to take this week’s belly bump picture. There were three out of about thirty attempts that actually had my head and the chalkboard in the picture together…and all three were blurry! Bless him for trying to help his Mommy. I know the board is hard to read in the picture, so here is a photo of just the board:

photo 2 copy 7Eli and Emry Jane have been very active this week. You can see them moving around from the outside. I am convinced that you could touch my stomach at any time and feel the knot of some body part or another! I love their little movements but sometimes their squirming takes my stomach like a roller coaster! On Wednesday evening, I noticed Emry having hiccups for the first time 🙂 It lasted only a few minutes, but made my night nonetheless!

This week, I have really felt my skin stretching and it has not been comfortable. I feel like I am lathering lotion on my skin like the prisoner in Silence of the Lambs! “It rubs the lotion on the skin or else it gets the holes again.” I know that is such a morbid thought, but I can’t help thinking that mantra as I rub lotion all over my belly multiple times a day. Noah left me with a multitude of stretch marks on my stomach, but I think it’s only a matter of time before the twins add to it.

I purchased the Upsie Belly band from Belly Bandit and have been wearing it to work since it arrived on Tuesday. It really does help with the heaviness of my belly! I also noticed that my feet are not hurting as much by the end of the day since I have been wearing it. It came with a small heating pack to insert into the back of the band and I have been using that once an evening as well. My back is not really hurting right now, but the heat on my lower back is still a nice, relaxing feeling.

We are in the single digits now– 9 more weeks to go! Bring on the third trimester!!


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