31 Weeks

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photo-2 copyToday (Friday) is my last day of work, for the next year. Tommy and I have decided it is best for our family for me to stay home and take care of the twins instead of paying at least 2/3 of my salary in child care costs. It also allows me to “just survive” at home for awhile– I’ve heard from several twin mommies that the first 6 months are a blur! It’s a little daunting to leave my books, materials and classroom to someone else for a year, but I am excited to have this time to rest and then to spend with my babies and my family.

I’ve had some strange (for me!) pregnancy symptoms this week and I thought I would share them all in this post.

1) Swollen feet– the right one much more than the left

2) Sore feet when I get out of bed in the morning– for the first few minutes each morning it hurts to walk because my feet are so sore!

3) Dehydration at night! This has been happening for the past few weeks. I have to take a big cup of water to bed because I wake up multiple times a night SO thirsty, which unfortunately means I also have to get up to go to the bathroom more often :/

4) Sore tailbone– I am not sure if this one has to do with how much I have been sitting lately or the weight of my belly. I usually position myself in a certain way in a chair or lean forward so it does not hurt. It definitely hurts more after extended periods of sitting– like riding in the car for a couple hours.

5) Crazy milk fiend! I craved orange juice early in my pregnancy and I still drink a small glass of OJ each morning to take my prenatal and DHA vitamins. For the past week, I have been CRAVING big, cold glasses of milk. Noah and I have been flying through the gallons. (Noah has been a milk fiend since birth– he must have his chocolate milk as soon as he wakes up in the morning and drinks milk for almost all meals, by choice.)

I had my first “real” contractions this week due to dehydration and overdoing it at work. Thankfully, I only had 4 then everything calmed down so I did not need to visit my OB. I did let her know about them though. I realize now that I had been lifting and moving too much in my classroom that morning and not drinking enough water. I have been more conscious of taking it easy since then and trying to do better about drinking water while I am at work. Starting tomorrow, my full-time job will be spending time with Noah and incubating these babies! 🙂

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