32 Weeks

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photo-2 copy 2     We had another growth ultrasound at this week’s appointment. We are SO excited that the babies are over 4 pounds each and are still in the 50th percentile in growth! I am hoping Eli and Emry Jane continue to put on weight like they are right now– each ounce gets us a step farther from the NICU. Everything else looked great– Eli’s HR was 143 and Emry’s HR was 138. They are both vertex (head-down) and Emry is continuing to bully her brother 🙂 She had her feet pressed against Eli’s bottom during our ultrasound.

On Monday, Tommy took me on a tour of the OB floor while he was on call. We walked around to check out the triage area, holding room, labor and delivery rooms, and mother and baby rooms. I got to see everything but the OR, where I will be delivering the twins, and the NICU. I am thankful that I know a little bit more about the process of what will happen when I am in labor with the twins, but it also seems overwhelming. It is hard to wrap my head around the fact that we will have twins within the next 5-6 weeks.

Tommy leaves for Boston for a conference tomorrow (Thursday) for the next four days. He is nervous that something will happen while he is gone. My awesome mother-in-law is coming to help out at our house while he is out of town. Please say a prayer that the twins will be content to keep incubating in Mommy’s belly while Daddy is gone!


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