Our Twin Nursery

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photo 3-1 copy 3     The tree was originally painted for the daughter of the couple that lived here before we did. I loved the tree and had the painter change the name from “Ella” to “Noah” when we moved in. When we found out that we were having the twins, we made Noah a sports-themed “big boy room” in the office and his old room became the nursery. Last week, we had the painter come back to change “Noah” to “Eli” and to add a sign for Emry. She also added some butterflies and pastel flowers.

It took me a LONG time to find gender-neutral bedding that I liked that went with the existing colors and the tree. We bought one set on sale through Albeebaby.com and the second set off eBay. The second set came with a couple of pillows, a lamp and a mobile that matched. Eli is the only one with a mobile for now because we could not justify spending $70 on a second mobile.

Cribs: Davinci Jayden 4-in-1 convertible cribs in white

Bedding: Glenna Jean “Finley” bedding sets and mobilephoto 4 copy 4

photo 5 copy 3Changing Table: Badger Basket Company Sleigh Style 3-Drawer changing table

I really liked this changing table because it had a built-in laundry hamper and three drawers to store our cloth diapers. The pillows and the diaper stacker are part of the Finley bedding set that we bought through eBay. Until the glider comes to live in the nursery (it is currently downstairs in our living room,) I am leaving the pillows there. We have a changing pad downstairs to use while the babies are in our room in their bassinets.

photo 1-1 copy 4Dresser: Davinci Jayden 4-drawer dresser in white

The lamp is part of the Glenna Jean FInley set. Noah told us that the babies needed piggy banks, so we bought those huge things through Zulily 🙂 Noah is currently borrowing Eli’s blue pig to hold his money because Noah’s pig shattered a few weeks ago and we have not found a good replacement yet. I made the bow holders for Emry’s bows. The frame holds her clip-on bows and the tower on the dresser holds her headbands. She already has almost 20 bows and she is not even here yet! I am going to make a little hat rack for Eli with his name on it for another wall. Tommy does not want him to feel left out!

photo 3-1The lamb was also painted on the wall before we moved in. Eventually, the glider will move upstairs and these bouncers will have to find a new home– probably in the playroom or downstairs. For now, these toys are just waiting patiently for the babies to arrive. The picture below is the walk-in closet– crammed full of baby stuff. I promise it is organized chaos! photo 4 copy 5Our nursery is as ready as it’s going to be! Just a little bit longer before our babies are here 🙂 We can’t wait!

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