First Grade, Here Comes Noah!

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Photo Credit: Katie Buehler Photography

Our summer has been crazy busy with the twins, but ready or not, it’s time for school again! I cannot believe that our oldest baby, Noah, is six and going to FIRST grade! Where has the time gone?! It seems like just yesterday he was the one I was bringing home from the hospital.

Noah was not very excited to go back to school, but I think he is going to love first grade. He goes to the school where I have taught for the past three years, so he knows the teachers well… and everyone knows him! He may not consider it a good thing that his Mommy is friends with all of his teachers, but I like it! He has a great teacher this year, Mrs. Gagley! I am really excited about all the things he will learn in her classroom. She sent me this picture from his first day at school:


I hope that this year Noah will become a more confident reader and begin to love reading. Right now, it is a struggle to get him to read 20 minutes each night. He wants to be immediately successful and does not want to struggle or decode unknown words. I am putting all my teaching strategies to work when it comes to helping him read at night. I am nervous about how Noah will do behaviorally, with all the changes he has had at home this summer, but he is off to a good start. He received the Star Student award during his second week of school for doing his personal best.


Noah’s Star Student Award

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