Happy HALF Birthday to Emry Jane and Elijah!

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Whoa! How can my little, teeny tiny babies be SIX MONTHS OLD already?! Eli and Emry Jane turned 6 months old on Christmas Day. We managed to snag a few pictures of them on their “half birthday,” but with the reflection of the leather coach at my parents-in-law’s house, they did not turn out very well. I retook their 6 month pictures using our glider when we got back home. Check out Eli’s face in the picture below, haha!

IMG_2437Yes, I know the picture above is blurry but I loved that they were both looking at the camera AND smiling– a rarity for sure!!

IMG_2445I could just eat them up! The past 6 months have been a wild and crazy ride, but when I look at those sweet little faces, all the hard work and sleep deprivation are totally worth it.

IMG_2395Right at 6 months, Emry Jane was just learning how to sit up on her own. Now, she is great at it! She’ll sit up for you as long as you can keep her entertained — then she is rolling across the room to find something more interesting! She does not like to be left “alone,”as in the distance from her exersaucer to our kitchen She wants Mommy or Daddy within arm’s reach most of the time. She sleeps like a champ in her crib, though she is quite the gymnast until she falls asleep. She is still stingy with her smiles, especially in new places or situations. She is VERY observant. At her 6 month check up, she weighed 15 pounds 1 ounce and was 24 1/4 inches long. Her body is very petite and she wears mostly 3-6 month clothes, but she is very STRONG with that little bitty body 🙂

IMG_2483“Princess Emry,” as we lovingly call her (mainly when she is being a diva!) has been chewing on things like crazy for months. She was very interested in chewing on the 6 month sticker on her shirt during our little photo shoot.


Elijah is less interested in getting around than Emry Jane. He will sit up if you prop him up, but at six months, he was more content lying on the floor or sitting against you than rolling around or sitting up on his own. We discussed this with his pediatrician at his 6 month appointment and the doctor said that was fine. He would do all things in his own time (and two days later, he was rolling across the room!) He’s such a happy boy– always smiling at everyone 🙂 We’ve been to the doctor twice in the past month, once for conjunctivitis and for their scheduled check-up where Eli had an ear infection we didn’t know about! Both times, he was SO happy, like nothing was bothering him at all. The doctor said he was the happiest sick baby he had ever seen. Eli is continuing to pack on the pounds too! He weighed 16 pounds 10 ounces and 26 inches long at his 6 month check-up. Both babies are now in the 25th percentile in weight.


Eli still enjoys splashing at bath time, usually drenching his sister, and jumping in the Jumperoo the most. He also likes to put everything in his month. He LOVES his big brother Noah and gives him lots of smiles and giggles. He is doing much better on car rides, but still gets upset if it is a long distance (more than 2 hours.)

IMG_2440These two just add so much joy to our lives! They are at such a fun stage right now and it is getting a little easier to take care of two babies every day. We did transition them upstairs AND start solids this month but I am going to do separate posts on those!

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