Eli & Emry are 5 MONTHS old!

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Since the babies will be SIX months old in a week, it’s about time of me to write the 5 months post! Between hosting Thanksgiving and getting ready for Christmas, our house has been a very busy place. This past month has been a blur of Christmas decorations, parties and lots of food.

IMG_1691Emry is rolling all over the place now! She can zoom across our living room in a matter of minutes, so now we are really careful not to leave her unattended. She is really interested in food. She likes rice cereal and oatmeal. We have tried avocado and roasted sweet potato, which she loved. She is smiling more now but is also more nervous around people that she doesn’t know.  She still loves splashing and bath time. Emry is working on sitting up unassisted for a couple seconds at a time, but hasn’t mastered it just yet!

IMG_1669Eli can finally roll from his belly to his back but he has not mastered the full roll yet. He has no interest in getting around right now, unless he is being carried by someone– preferably Mommy! He does work on sitting up with the Twin Z pillow. The twins did not have a 5 month appointment (yay!) but you can tell that Eli weighs significantly more than Emry Jane. He is a very happy baby and he is VERY ticklish. His little laugh when being tickled is just perfect! He eats rice cereal and oatmeal OK. He really liked avocado and did well with the sweet potato but he is not interested in feeding himself yet. He wants Mommy to put the food in his mouth. My dinner time is now spent feeding babies more than myself 🙂

IMG_1711Both babies are teething right now. They are chewing on EVERYTHING, including EACH OTHER! They are totally okay with the other one chewing on them– it is really funny! I hope that they get along so well when they are older. They do not have any teeth buds poppin’ up just yet.


Noah is a great big brother! Now that the babies are not “crying all the time” and are “really cute” (his words,) he is much more interested in holding and helping with them. They really love him too! They smile whenever he is around.

Noah is still enjoying first grade and is becoming a really great reader. He is actually reading bedtime stories to us now. He enjoys Little Critter and Berenstein Bear books best. He also is a whiz at math, which he really enjoys. He is working on multiplication with the older boys on the bus. He is also REALLY creative and wants to make things out of  paper all the time.

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