*Dauphin Island Trip 2015* {Part 3}

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I know, there are three parts, but the first beach trip is almost as important as the first birthday, right?! It’s either I break it up into multiple parts or it will look like a scrolling Harry Potter book! There are just too many cute pictures to post and anecdotes to tell! This final part is shorter 🙂 Read {Part 1} and {Part 2} first, but clicking on the {Part} that you want to go to!

I came up with this great idea to take nice family pictures while we were at the beach with my parents and siblings. I have a “tendency” (obsession) to coordinate my children. I asked my family to coordinate with either red gingham or navy/red outfits that I already had for my kids. This stemmed a long conversation about “gingham” because my brother and dad did not know what that was. When it was time to get dressed for the family photos, this is how my family came out– decked out in red gingham table cloths, even the dog! My family’s got jokes.20150716_173624Emry Jane loves her big brother so much.
Just look at that sweetness.
There may be a lot of colors/shades of blue going on, but I love this picture. 
Our whole, crazy beach clan, including my aunt and uncle, that were SO hospitable to us during our trip, and my cousins. 
Nana, Papa and their sweet grandbabies
My favorite picture. I’m most definitely getting this one framed. 
IMG_3682IMG_3717IMG_3807My mom, Savannah and I got matching shirts from a shop called the Happy Octopus on the island. You should look up the story about the octopus on the island. It’s a really cool story! IMG_0449.JPG-2Our little boat driver 🙂IMG_3829My sleepy boating companion on our last dayIMG_3838Surprisingly, Emry Jane really enjoyed the boat!IMG_3830One final round of tubing for Noah before we went home.

We HIGHLY recommend going to Dauphin Island if you are looking for a more-relaxed, less-touristy beach vacation. It is so calm and quiet and the seafood is caught-fresh and amazing. Check out dauphinislandbeachrentals.com for great places to stay, like Sun Spot or the Indian Yacht Club where we stayed!

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