E&E at 13 months!

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IMG_4119Eli can sign the word “more.” He can wave hi and bye. He said “Papa” (maybe even “Nana” a time or two?) when we were visiting Nana and Papa in NC for Nana’s birthday. He is also working on saying “bye bye.” He likes to RUN. Walking is for babies. This kid is full-blown TODDLER 🙂 He is a very fast climber and is known to push toys beside chairs or the couch so that he can climb onto them. He has climbed all the way up to our DVD player via riding toy to chair to table! He’s such a monkey!! He’s very smiley and social and LOVES to carry his blanket around like Linus. He also loves water. Bath times are the best, but he also likes to swim with his floaties. He kicks his feet and everything! IMG_4054Little Houdini here climbed out of his crib during nap time, so we lowered his crib to the absolute lowest it would go! No idea how he did it, but he was SO PROUD of himself!
IMG_4283Emry Jane has really picked up walking these past couple weeks. Gone are the crawling days for our babies and it’s pretty sad for Mama! Though sometimes they walk (or run!) in opposite directions, they still prefer to keep each other nearby. Emry Jane has a bit of separation and stranger anxiety, but she warms up fairly quick. She screams if we leave her to work out at the gym or in the church nursery, but they promise us that she only cries for a few minutes. Noah never cried when we left when he was a baby and Eli doesn’t either (unless EJ is really upset then it’s more of an “I am crying because she is crying” cry.) Emry Jane’s newest word is “that” and she likes to point you in the direction that she wants to go if you are carrying her. Bossy little bee, she is 🙂 She has also become very attached to her blanket and waves hi and bye!
IMG_4266Emry Jane wearing the same bathing suit that I wore when I was her age 🙂 She likes swimming on her own terms– she pretty much wants to be held in the water by Mama. IMG_4327We took our first family trip to Dollywood without any grandparent assistance and everyone did great. It was a hot, sunny day, but as long as the stroller was moving or in a cool place, the twins were happy. They even got to ride their first rides — the amazing flying elephants with Mom and Dad and the piggies with Noah. We also rode the tea cups as a family but it was not as enjoyable as the others.
IMG_4329Waiting for her first ride, the amazing flying elephants, to start 🙂
IMG_4326Riding the train at Dollywood– Eli does not like really LOUD noises and they put us in the VERY FRONT of the train. Every time that train whistle blew, Eli would grab onto me for dear life, so I started to hold his ears 😦 We will be taking a break from the train for awhile.

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