Noah’s off to SECOND grade!!

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IMG_4522It’s here again, folks. The start of another school year. As a teacher, I was always so excited about the first day of school, lying awake the night before making all my mental to-do lists and thinking about all those new students and what our year would be like. Even though I am staying home again this year, I still had a hard time sleeping last night. Too much beginning-of-the-school-year excitement, and I was not the only one. Before my alarm went off this morning, our sweet Noah was downstairs, sitting in the kitchen floor, ready and EXCITED for another school year.

We have come a LONG way from the beginning of first grade to the beginning of second grade. Our life is MUCH less crazy now than a year ago. One year ago, my around-the-clock help (an effort tag-teamed all summer long by Nana and MaMarcia) had JUST left the day before school started. Everyone left in our house (Noah included) was overwhelmed by lack of sleep, twin baby care woes and all the residual effects of our lives being turned upside down by the birth of two precious (and high-maintenance!) babies. I reread the blog post I wrote about Noah’s first grade year (click here to reread it!) and how he was “not excited” but that I was sure he was going to love first grade because he had an excellent teacher. I was right. He did love first grade. Mrs. Gagley was EXACTLY the teacher that Noah needed for first grade. His confidence as a student, especially as a reader, grew tremendously in her care. I am so grateful for all the love and PATIENCE that she poured into Noah, especially in the beginning during that ‘everyone is overwhelmed’ stage when he was acting out and adjusting to our new life. I know there were times that he WORE HER OUT with his high energy but she took that energy and channeled it into great learning opportunities. He left first grade as an all-A’s/E’s student and an above-average reader and renewed his LOVE for learning and school.

Noah with Mrs. Gagley at first grade “Meet the Teacher”

I tearily told Mrs. Byrd, our principal, at the end of first grade how very blessed we had been by Mrs. Gagley as Noah’s teacher and how BIG those shoes would be for the second grade teacher to fill. I was anxious about who his teacher would be all summer until I received an email from his new teacher. Mrs. Richardson, Noah’s second grade teacher, and I go “way back” to our college days, working at a summer camp together. I spent a few minutes talking with her a few days before school started and all the anxiety I had about second grade melted away. I know that she’s up to the challenge of filling those “big shoes” of Mrs. Gagley. Mrs. Richardson is high-energy and fun and I know she will continue to challenge Noah academically. He is SO excited about second grade, guys. He has already started asking if he can stay in second grade year after year and he hasn’t really even started yet!

Noah with Mrs. Richardson at second grade “Meet the Teacher”

IMG_4523IMG_4512I pray that this year furthers his reading ability, but also creates a LOVE for reading (so it is not such a battle each night for his mama!) I pray that he continues to love math and science and experiments. I pray that he makes lots of new friends and also continues the relationships that he has with his old first grade and kindergarten friends. I pray that he will be respectful to his teacher, his special area teachers (gym, art, music, computer) and all teachers and administrators he comes across during his time in second grade, as well as his friends and other students. God has big plans for this smart boy and I am excited to see those plans unfold this school year! Second grade, here comes Noah! 🙂

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

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