*Fall Family Photos 2016*

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It’s that time again, time for our annual family pictures. Fall is my favorite season and I loving getting pictures of my loves with the fall colors in the background. There hasn’t been much color change here yet, but there were some leaves on the ground at the park where we took our pictures. The twins are transitioning to sleeping without their pacifiers, so they had refused to nap at their normal time on Picture Day. Tommy put them in the car about 3:45 pm and drove them around until they fell asleep while I was getting ready. They got about an hour of napping in the car before our pictures. Emry Jane was actually in a pretty good mood, but Eli was very ornery.

Steve Novitsky with Novitsky Photography took our family photo session and he did an outstanding job. He was very patient and encouraging with our fussy kids. He arrived early to scope out the best spots in Eno River State Park. Steve captured sweet moments with great lighting. The turnaround time was also super fast. Our photos were taken on Thursday evening and by Saturday afternoon I had the edited pictures downloaded to my computer! If you are in the Raleigh-Durham area, I highly recommend him!


The photographer asked Tommy and me if we wanted individuals of us and if we wanted more pictures of just the two of us. This one is enough 🙂



Eli took his best pictures with Daddy. He really enjoyed this branch that he got to hang on like a little monkey!


This is my favorite picture from the session, even if Eli is looking away and has his fingers in his mouth. You will noticed that hands in mouths is a trend with the twins in these pictures. There were fingers in noses too (UGH) but we did not keep any of those pictures.


Emry Jane took several pictures where she was running away or peeking around trees.


They really do love each other.


We took a few photos by the water, but there were several people there wading and throwing rocks into the water, which distracted our little ones so we didn’t last long there.


Noah did great. He did everything that the photographer asked him to do and he tried to help with the twins when they weren’t interested in taking pictures.


I do not think we own a picture where Emry Jane is smiling this big. I convinced her to blow kisses to the photographer and he caught this amazing smile and a hand AWAY from her mouth on camera– a huge success!


In almost every picture, Tommy is holding Eli and, in all of those, it looks like I put Eli in olive capris for these photos! I promise you that these are full-length pants that fit him. Some day he is going to look back at these photos and say, “Mom, why didn’t you buy me clothes that fit?!” Haha.



Hand in EJ’s mouth. Always. Eli looks scared, but I love the background and the sweetness of these three sitting together. This is my second favorite and absolutely getting framed.


I was behind the photographer making faces at Emry Jane so she would smile. Noah joined in on our funny faces, as well.


My buddy.


A Daddy and his Princess.


The best individual shot of Eli… with his tongue out. We tried multiple times to get a picture of the twins together, but Eli refused all attempts.


The last one is the realest one, right?! I call this the “kid pyramid.” Juice cups in hand. Eli standing on Noah and Tommy with that look of “I do what I want.” I’m not sure what Emry Jane was doing or what Noah was saying, but this is us right now, in this crazy-fun and exhausting season of life with toddler twins. I really like this one. It makes me laugh. I also want to remember that sometimes we will capture perfect smiles and twinkly blue eyes in those well-coordinated outfits and other times we will capture their little personalities in funny ways. Both ways are great.

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