Family Photos from Chad & Jordan’s wedding, June 2017

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Chad and Jordan’s wedding was awesome and beautiful and I am so happy for them… but I literally have TWO pictures of them and they are both low-quality and with my phone. Boo.

So, basically, this is just a post about how cute my children look when I get them all dressed up and coordinating, haha.

Noah, Emry Jane & Eli


A grumpy girl and her Daddy
You can’t get a photo of both of them looking AND smiling. Impossible.
The Buffler House, St. Florian Alabama

The wedding took place at this beautiful, old house near Florence, Alabama. Jordan and her mom did so much work on all the beautiful decor. Everything was picture perfect … and I do wish I had actually taken more pictures of the details. Instead, I took pictures of my grouchy children (who were just grouchy until it was time to play.) Emry Jane had just gotten some jewelry from Meema for her birthday that included some clip-on earrings, that she insisted on wearing to the wedding.

Accessorized to the max!!
The blue eyes with that smile…
…and this boy with the cutest freckles.

After the ceremony (that lasted a record 12 minutes!) the guests played yard games and had appetizers while the wedding party took photos. Above, Tommy was teaching the kids how to play bocce ball. Below, I attempted to teach Emry Jane how to play tic-tac-toe.


Ava and Noah are about 11 months apart in age and only get to see each other once every couple of years, but when they are together– it’s like no time has past at all! They play so well together. They were inseparable during Chad & Jordan’s reception. I really wish they had had more time to spend together during our whirlwind Alabama visit.

Yard games continued– My dad and Christopher playing corn hole vs. my uncle David and Dalton

I’m not sure exactly what is being said here, but based on facial expressions, I am going to assume that Emry Jane hurt Eli.

IMG_5210IMG_5211Picture proof that Eli has the BEST Nana ever! Look at his face = so HAPPY πŸ™‚

Ava Grace walking with Eli and Emry Jane
I love this picture of Ava Grace!!
My Meema
My favorite and forever wedding date, Thomas Jay πŸ™‚
Line dancing + Photo booth props = Always a good decision, haha
One of my oldest partners in crime πŸ™‚
Kristi and me in the “photo booth”
Siblings + Tommy photo book picture– the gang’s all here!


These last three photos were taken by my uncle’s girlfriend Jacque, who is a professional photographer. She did not get any photos of Emry Jane, but EJ was being pretty ornery so I am not surprised. I am so glad that we made this Alabama trip a priority and got to spend time with our loved ones, even if it was a short and busy time!

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