21 Weeks :)

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photo copyI am finally up-to-date on belly bump photos! Starting this week, I will be posting belly bump pictures weekly, as well as a few other miscellaneous twin posts here and there.

The twins have been pretty active this week. Our baby girl enjoys pushing from the inside, mostly near my belly button. If you were touching my stomach from the outside, you would notice that it feels really hard in the spot that she is pushing. If you rub that spot, she will move away but usually push again a few moments later. She has been doing this for several days and now our baby boy is following in her footsteps. He now likes to press on the OTHER side of my belly button!! The babies are most active when I lie down at night, usually when I am trying to get comfortable and fall asleep (of course!) Tommy has felt them move several times now while we are lying on the couch or in bed at night, but Noah seems to always miss it. We lie with Noah on his bed every night to read books and say prayers before he goes to sleep. As soon as one of them starts kicking, I will put his hand on my belly and they stop immediately! My mother-in-law teasingly says this is because they know that one day he will retaliate. He’s 6 years older than them so he better not kick them back! Hopefully in the next week or so, Noah will be able to feel the babies kick.

I went to the doctor this week and both babies are doing great. At 18 weeks, Baby B (our girl) was breech. We were told that was OK, as long as Baby A, who will come out first, is head down. Baby B could be turned, if needed. We want a vaginal delivery for the twins, so we have been praying for our baby girl to flip– and she has! Both babies are now head down!! There is still a small chance that one of them could flip before delivery. We have been told it is not as easy for them to flip themselves later in pregnancy because they will quickly run out of room for such acrobatics. šŸ™‚ Everything else looked perfect and we will go back in 3 weeks for growth ultrasounds and the dreaded glucose/gestational diabetes test.

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