Weeks 19 and 20

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photo 2 copy 3For the first 16 or so weeks of my pregnancy, I did not have an appetite. During the first trimester, I was nauseous and loathed the thought of food. The nausea subsided around 13 weeks, but I still lacked an appetite. I could go hours without eating because I never “felt hungry.” I was really discouraged/worried because I had heard other moms on the twin message board talking about how they were hungry and eating all the time. At my 15 week appointment, I had only gained 9 pounds– a long way from my OB-prescribed goal of 20 pounds by 20 weeks. Something must have clicked after that appointment because I began to feel hungry and packed on the weight pretty quickly. By 20 weeks, I weighed exactly 20 pounds more than I did at the beginning of my pregnancy.

I believe God has continued to help me provide just what these babies need. Early weight gain in a twin pregnancy is so important to help prevent pre-term labor and low birth weights. Most nights at dinner, I pray for God to bless my food and to use it as nourishment for our twins. As I continue to be right on track with my weight gain, I feel like He has really answered this prayer.


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