22 Weeks

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photo 2 copy 4Sleep is becoming more of a challenge these days. Thank goodness for my Snoogle pillow! It takes that pillow and at least 2-3 more for me to get comfortable at night– I can’t imagine what sleep will be like in the coming weeks. My OB (who has 16 month old twins) said she slept sitting up on a couch from about 24 weeks. Looks like it’s time to invest in that uber-comfortable rocker/glider I’ve had my eye on, especially if I might be sleeping there in the next few weeks!

As I may have already mentioned, I am a worrier. Right now, I worry that the babies will come too early. Several twin moms on the message board have needed cerclages to try to keep the babies in or are already on bed rest. Tommy’s cousin is in the hospital right now at almost 24 weeks in that situation– fighting to keep her baby inside and praying her cerclage will hold. A mom on the July board delivered her baby at 23 weeks and it did not survive. The pictures of her tiny baby girl nearly broke my heart.  I told Tommy last night that they feel “so big” because my belly seems huge and they kick/move all the time, but I know they are still too little to survive outside the womb. The thought of making it this far and something horrible happening to them truly terrifies me. I know that God is in control and that His will will be done. I continue to pray that He will help my babies thrive inside my womb and that He will give me two healthy babies when it’s time for them to enter the world.

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