Cloth Diapering: The Plan

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photo 1 copy 4First, I used disposable diapers with our son, Noah. When we first found out we were pregnant with twins, people asked me if we were going to cloth diaper them. I would immediately say “no” because I couldn’t imagine adding “more work” when I had twin babies to care for! Here is what changed my mind…

Over Christmas break, I worked on our budget– trying to plan our finances around our new arrivals and my maternity leave. Since the county I teach for does not offer paid maternity leave, we will lose almost half our monthly income when I am not working. We have decided that I will stay home at least for the first 6 months, so our budget is really tight. We are currently putting as much of my income as possible into savings for when the babies are here, but we do not want to burn through that money quickly. I needed to come up with some ways that we could save money once the babies were born.

Diapers are incredibly expensive and we need DOUBLE the amount. The BabyCenter cost calculator says that on average parents spend $72 a month on disposable diapers for one baby. That’s $144 a month in diapers alone, $1728 for the first year, for our two babies. I had heard that cloth diapers were more cost efficient, so I began researching.

The more I read about cloth diapers, the more “sold” I was on the idea. There are different types of cloth diapers now– it’s not just the fold and diaper pin ones your grandmother used. There are great blogs and websites about cloth diapering to tell you everything you need to know– how/what types to use, how to clean/dry, where to buy, how to use while traveling, how to get rid of tough stains, etc. Tommy teases me because I have read almost all of the blogs. “Are you reading about diapering again?!” he asks. Yep. I have also visited mom friends who are currently cloth diapering to find out what has worked for them. I took my husband on those visits so he could actually see the diapers and how they work. He is now on board with cloth diapering too 🙂 I have heard that every baby is different and that we might prefer a different type/brand that what is used or recommended by others, so I’ve registered for a variety of types. I will let you know what works for our babies once we are a few months in to our cloth-diapering routine.

Our plan is to use newborn disposable diapers while they are passing meconium, still have their umbilical cords and if they are premies. Once they are 8-9 pounds, we will begin using cloth diapers. I registered mainly for pocket and all-in-one cloth diapers. I do not plan to use prefolds or cloth diapers that require snappies (the new and improved version of diaper pins.) I have not registered for velcro (sometimes known as aplix) cloth diapers because I have heard the snap ones last longer. I will use velcro ones if they are given to us as gifts, but I do not plan to purchase any. For a single baby, it’s recommended to have about 36 cloth diapers on hand. That way, you can wash 12-18 every 2-3 days and have plenty more on hand and in the diaper bag. Most twin cloth-diapering moms seem to have a few more than that, 42- 60 cloth diapers on hand, since they use about 20 diapers per day for their twins.  It really depends on how often and heavy their babies wet. I’d like to start our cloth diaper stash with about 20 or so– and add to it once we know exactly which types/brands we prefer!

The two cloth diapers pictured are the first two diapers in our cloth diaper collection– a teal Bumgenius all-in-one diaper and a purple owl Rumparooz pocket diaper. Can’t wait to take a picture of these adorable diapers ON our babies!

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