33 Weeks

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photo 1-1 copy     Not sure why we’ve hit an exotic fruit stage with the weekly fruits, but I had to look up a durian too. Apparently, they are heavy, smell terrible and have a thorny husk on the outside– not sure why that would be the best fruit chosen by the creators of “pregnancy fruit calendars” as the 33rd week fruit. I think next week is cantaloupe, so maybe it goes back to “normal” fruits again.

I’ve been very fortunate to have an “easy” twin pregnancy up to this point. I had limited morning sickness. I have not had much pain or trouble sleeping– until this week hit. BAM! I have hit the twin pregnancy wall. Hard. Saturday evening (at 33wks exactly,) with Tommy still in Boston for his work conference, I started having contractions. My OB told me to go lie down and rest to see if they would stop. My mother-in-law took great care of Noah while I followed the doctor’s orders and thankfully they stopped shortly after.

Sunday was my birthday and we made plans to spend the day on the boat with friends. Noah and I drove to pick up Tommy from the airport and I noticed my hand tingling, the first sign that I was going to get a migraine. For the next couple hours, I had a terrible migraine, numbness in my right arm and leg and blurry vision. I was not about to let these things ruin my birthday so we went out on the boat any way. The headache and numbness subsided at the same time as the contractions started again. We recorded them on my phone for the next 5 hours. I averaged 5-6 contractions an hour, so my OB decided I needed to go to labor and delivery triage for monitoring, tests and a cervical check. Great friends met us at home to watch Noah while Tommy and I went to the hospital. I spent 3.5 hours in triage– a great way to end my birthday! While there, I had contractions every 5 minutes, but was less than 1cm dilated and only 30% effaced, so they think the contractions were due to slight dehydration. They did a fetal fibernectin test to check for preterm labor and the results came back negative– meaning I have a 95% chance the babies will not be born in the next two weeks. Good news! After 1.5 liters of IV fluid, they let me go home.

Noah thankfully began summer day camp this week and LOVES it. He gets to play and swim each day while Mommy is a couch potato and takes naps. Tuesday, I think “the drop” happened. The increase in pressure was nuts and I truly felt like I was waddling to keep everyone in! (They have shifted a little since then, so the pressure is not as bad as it was on Tuesday– thank goodness!) I went for my 33wk appt on Tuesday and my cervix is still long, 3.9 cm, but there was a baby’s head resting right above it. Both babies are vertex (head down) and doing great. They both scored perfectly on their BPPs (biophysical profiles) — the tech looked for signs of breathing, good heart rates, movement and a good amount of fluid. My OB’s only advice was to “stay pregnant” for the next couple weeks…and to not go into labor on her son’s birthday (June 19th) 🙂 They will not do another cervical check, but I will have ultrasounds each week from here on out to check the twins’ BPPs.

Guess who went back to L&D triage on Wednesday?! That’s right, me. After dropping Noah off at camp, I thought I would take a new way home. The unfamiliar road changed names, I glanced at the navigation/map to make sure I could still get home on this new road and side-swiped a car in a turn lane. Thankfully, the accident was minor but I think I caused Tommy to have a near heart attack. He left work to meet me at the scene then drove me to the hospital for monitoring. They did blood work and monitored the babies for 5 hours. My OB came to triage after a few hours to reassure me that the babies were doing great and that I could go home once they got my blood work results back. I told her and Tommy that I am not going back to the hospital for at least another 3 weeks– I’ve had my FILL of L&D triage to last a lifetime! Tommy took today (Thursday) off work to combat his own exhaustion (this week has not exactly been easy on him!) and to help me get estimates for the car repairs. His car will not fit 3 car seats, so we want my car to be fixed ASAP.

I have had continued contractions throughout the week, though not as many as Sunday. My OB says they are just practice contractions at this point. Until they are more frequent and more painful, they will just be annoying and nothing to worry about. Sleeping has also become a challenge and I am always HOT (not normal for me at all!) I do not sleep with any blankets at all right now and I have to have a fan flowing on my face at night– even then, I only sleep for an hour or so at a time. Let’s hope Week 34 is less eventful…

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