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Thankfully, this week has been pretty uneventful. My 34 week appointment on Tuesday went well. The babies BPPs were great. We saw on ultrasound that both babies have hair! 🙂 I did test positive for Group B strep, but I have been told that it is fine (25% of healthy mom-to-bes are carriers) and means that they will give me penicillin four hours before delivery.

I packed my hospital bag this week. It’s exciting and nerve-wrecking to have our bag packed and everything sitting in our bedroom waiting to go. It is crazy to think that within the next 3 weeks we will have TWO babies! Since I do not have much news this week, I thought I would spend a little time on what I packed for the hospital. I searched many Pinterest pins and read through twin websites and message boards to make sure that I had everything I thought I would need. I hope sharing it comes in handy for someone else preparing for labor, with one or more babies 🙂

Our Hospital Bag (and other Necessities!)


I’ll start with the “other necessities” first. We are bringing:

*Canon Rebel digital camera and case

*Twin Z Nursing Pillow (to keep in the car until we need it)

*Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag (also to keep in the car, I’ll post what’s inside it later)

*Medela Pump-N-Go Advanced Nursing Pump (to keep in the car, in case we need it)

*Nurse goody bags/snacks: granola bars, candy, fruit snacks and a thank you note for each nurse


*Car Seats & Bases– We will install these in the Highlander (it’s being repaired until June 20th) once we have it back, but we have the car seats and bases sitting in our bedroom floor right now in case we need to put them in the Jeep before then. They do not fit in the Jeep with Noah’s carseat right now.


So, What’s Inside the Hospital Bag?


* Shoes: flip flops for Tommy and me and house shoes for me

*Tommy’s clothes: comfy shorts and t-shirts, his “going home” outfit, long-sleeved pullover, boxers

*Belly Bandit Belly Binder for me post-delivery

*Spiral Notebook & Pen for me to keep track of hospital gifts, feedings, and other important stuff

*Snack bags for Noah and Tommy


*Noah’s Big Brother gift from the twins: “Big Brother of Twins” shirt purchased from Etsy, The New Baby by Mercer Mayer, glow in the dark silly putty, Noah’s big brother photo album that I made and a disposable camera for him to take his own pictures of the babies


* Twins’ Going Home Outfits: Converter Sleepers and Hats purchased from Etsy, booties handmade for the babies


*Woombie swaddles for the twins– hopefully the twins will stay with me during our whole hospital stay (no NICU time!) and these swaddles come highly recommended to help with sleeping. I am willing to try them (and anything else!) to help with sleep training


What I am Bringing for Me:

*Ear Buds/Extra-long iPhone Cord for charger

*Nursing Sports Bra, Nursing Bra, Black Maternity Cami, 3 Pairs of Undies

*Going Home Outfit: Black Yoga Pants, Nursing Cami, Maternity T-Shirt

*Pajamas: nursing top and matching elastic capri pants

*Nursing gown- homemade for me by my friend Jen. The top of the gown has hidden snaps below the neck and sleeves for nursing. It snaps down on both sides so that I can tandem nurse if needed and still have some covering on top.


Other things we will grab when the time comes:

*Toiletries Bag: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, tooth brushes, mouth wash, deodorant, face wash

*Makeup bag, hair brush and hair ties

*Phone chargers

*iPad and charger for Tommy

Feel free to leave comments about other things that you found helpful to have while in the hospital. Its been so long since I was in the hospital with Noah that I do not remember what I packed or actually used then!

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