35 Weeks

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photo 1-1     The finish line is in sight– or is it? I am thrilled that we have made it this far and that the babies are doing SO well. I know that with each day that they stay incubating in my belly that their need of NICU time decreases, but this Mama has what the OB nurses affectionally call OBPS, over being pregnant syndrome! I am very thankful and blessed that this pregnancy has been relatively easy, so I feel guilty complaining when I know that there are twin mommies that have been on bed rest for MONTHS, on medication to prevent preterm labor or have delivered their twins early and their babies are in the NICU. My two complaints are really very trivial in comparison: 1) Nothing fits. 2) I have pig feet.

The shirt in the picture above is literally the ONLY shirt that fits my belly at this point. This shirt is actually supposed to be a tunic worn with leggings and I totally wore it that way 10 or so weeks ago– no way would I wear it like that now! My belly even hangs out under Tommy’s large t-shirts, which makes me cringe. I do have two maternity camis from Target that I can still stretch to cover my belly so I wear them under everything else in an attempt to stay covered.

Our son, Noah, had extra wide feet as a baby. We always had to buy the Stride Rite extra wide shoes for him because he had what I lovingly called “pig feet.” They were REALLY puffy on top. He has grown into his feet and he no longer requires special extra wide shoes, but I have inherited the pig feet. They are SO puffy on top that my flip flops literally cut into them! Silver lining– it’s summer, so I can wear flip flops all the time. There is no way I could squeeze these bad boys into any other type of shoe right now!

I have turned into a bit of a hermit these last couple weeks, spending my time at home while Noah is at camp during the day and Tommy is at work. My main reason for staying home is to avoid playing 50 questions with strangers when I am out in public. Thankfully, the belly is intimidating enough to keep people from touching it, but everyone has to ask about it! I cannot go anywhere (grocery store, Hobby Lobby, dog park) without at least 2-5 people asking or commenting on my belly. One man even told me I was “huge and scary” this past week– not exactly what you want to hear when you are already struggling to deal with the fact that you have gained FIFTY pounds in the past 35 weeks!

Our 35 week appointment on Tuesday went great. I am so excited that both babies weigh over 5 pounds, though it is hard to believe that there is 11 POUNDS of baby in this huge belly! Tommy and I tease about Emry Jane a lot because she seems to be the more difficult one- flipping from breech to head down to breech to head down again, kicking away from the heart monitor when I was in triage, kicking her brother in the face while she was breech. We may have a high-maintenance little girl on our hands 🙂 She also seems to be competitive! No way is she going to let her brother be bigger than her! She has measured and weighed exactly the same as Eli in our last two growth scans. She was also kicking her brother on ultrasound this week AND hogging most of the room. Eli is really low these days and the tech says he is probably going to come out soon just to get away from his sister, haha. Their BPPs were great again this week. We go back next Tuesday and possibly Friday for 36 week appointments, if we make it that far. I am excited to discuss our delivery plan next week. I am curious when my 37 week induction date will be. At this point, I think we are all ready for them to be here. Now, we just “hurry up and wait” for them to decide they are ready!

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