*DIY Noah’s Star Wars Cake and Cupcakes*

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#1: Star Wars Birthday CakeIMG_9218

This was my picture inspiration for Noah’s cakes. Click the picture to go to the website for more information. IMG_9308

Okay, the title of this post should be “INCREDIBLE STAR WARS CAKE THAT I BOUGHT FROM A FRIEND… and puny DIY cupcakes.” I did not make this cake. My amazing friend, Jennifer, did.  She used rice krispy treat and fondant for the Death Star. She also used fondant for the cake icing, rocks and planets. She is amazingly talented.

Materials: Uber talented friend to make cake, Legos, Lego figures, candles, lighterIMG_3296I added a spaceship that Noah made from a Lego set he got for Christmas and Lego Star Wars figures that he already had. I added candles to the Death Star and a 7 candle. BOOM, epic birthday cake.

#2: Storm Trooper Cupcakes


Here is the picture I used. If you would like more information, click the picture and it will take you to the website!

Materials: Cupcake Pan, Cupcake Liners, Chocolate Cake Mix, White Icing, Regular-Sized Marshmallows, Black Food Marker bought at Walmart

IMG_9351I used the black food marker to draw the Storm Trooper faces on the marshmallows. Bake and ice cupcakes like normal. Place marshmallow on top. Done! So easy and cool!

#3: DIY R2D2 Water Bottle Label

IMG_9293 We bought a big pack of water bottles and added these R2D2 labels. The labels are printable and FREE. Click the picture to go to the website. We used a little hot glue to ensure that the label didn’t slide on the bottle. We covered the paper label with clear shipping tape.

Materials: White Paper, Hot Glue, Clear Shipping Tape

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