Noah at Seven Years Old :)

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I saw this thing on Pinterest where you ask your child the same 20 questions each year and then see over time how their answers change. I asked Noah the questions I found, then came up with a few others to add.

A Little Bit about Noah (age 7)

His Favorites:

Breakfast: Sausage, CHEWY Bacon, Scrambled Eggs WITH Cheese

Lunch: Cheeseburger and Fries

Dinner: Chicken Nuggets, Mashed Potatoes, Macaroni N Cheese

Fruit: Grapes

Vegetable: Cooked Whole Baby Carrots

Treat: Slush from Sonic

Drink: Chocolate Milk– has been his favorite drink since he was two

Activity at School: Recess

“Subject” at School: Math

Color: Blue

Toy: His New Transformer Cars

Animal: Cheetah

Book: “I Can Read” Superhero Books

Song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Holiday: HalloweenIMG_1451

Sport: Baseball IMG_9905

Thing to Do with Mom: Play with Legos

Thing to Do with Dad: Gardening

Thing to Do as a Family: Go to the Park, Spend Time Together IMG_9981

Thing to Do at Home: Watch Movies

Best Friend: Noah H

What He Wants to Be when He Grows Up: FiremanIMG_9008

Added questions: 

*What have you learned how to do in the past year? In the past year, Noah has learned: how to ride his bike without training wheels and how to ride his scooter –He’s very fast on both. He can also ride his bike without his hands on the handlebars, effectively making his mom very nervousIMG_9953

*What are you really good at? Noah: “Taking care of others.” He truly is an awesome and helpful big brother and a great friend and helper at school!IMG_9163

*What do you want to learn how to do in the next year? Noah: “I want to learn how to play hockey.” IMG_9093

*How many teeth have you lost so far? He’s lost 5 teeth so far– 4 on the bottom and 1 on the top, all within the last year. He lost his first tooth in April 2014. His other “front tooth” on top is very very loose and currently hanging sideways in his mouth. I give it just a day or two. IMG_9767

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