Noah’s 7th Birthday!!

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IMG_7097 How can it be that we have a SEVEN year old?! This past week was Noah’s “birthday week.” We do not actually celebrate the entire week, but we have so much family that we do have several days of celebration for each birthday! Noah wanted a Lego Star Wars birthday party this year. Late one night, I pinned a bunch of Star Wars party decor on Pinterest. The next day, I showed Noah the board I had made for his birthday. I blame my sleep-deprived state. I don’t suggest showing your child DIY party ideas, unless you want to make EVE.RY.THING that you pinned. Also, Star Wars and Lego Star Wars have been “discontinued” at places like Party City. That’s how we ended up with all the following DIY party decor. I am going to do several mini-posts about these projects, so I will just show off the finished pictures here! IMG_9393Noah wanted a lightsaber invitation that extended like a “real lightsaber.” We made and mailed these to our party guests. IMG_9237

Noah opened his birthday presents from us on his “real” birthday. This is always a debate with him because he believes that his “real” birthday is the day of his party, not March 24th. IMG_9239

His birthday dinner was at his favorite restaurant, which he called “the fire place” (hibachi grill) for years. I am sad that he has grown out of that and now calls it Wasabi, the actual name of the restaurant. They did not play the drums for him, like in years past. Next time, we better make sure to make it clear that it is his birthday and get the drums!IMG_9246I made yellow cake with chocolate icing cupcakes for his “real” birthday. We stuck 7 candles on one so that we could sing “Happy Birthday” to him.


Noah’s party was the following Saturday at Laser Quest. We had several first graders, friends and family in attendance. They played 2 games of laser tag with the dads and other family members and had a BLAST. This is Noah and his “team” celebrating their victory. I know it is very blurry but it was so adorable!


Tommy let the employee pick his game name. “Sparkly Unicorn” came in first place. He was proud of his domination, of all the young children. Okay, he also beat the dads. IMG_3296The cake was made by a very talented friend. I just stuck Noah’s Lego Star Wars figures and Lego ship on it. I also made the chocolate Storm Trooper cupackes– another Pinterest project.


There were also water bottle labels to look like R2D2. I did not get a picture of those specifically, but you can see them in the picture of Noah blowing out his 7 candles on the Death Star. It was made out of rice krispy treat– and awesome!
IMG_9336The party favor for each child was a lightsaber (next picture) and a homemade Lego head filled with Candy Blox. The Blox were awesome because they actually stick together like real Legos. They tasted a lot like Smarties.

IMG_3336After filling them with cake and pizza, we let the kids have a lightsaber “battle” with their new lightsaber party favors. It was INSANE and the kids loved every minute of it. Tommy got thrown in the middle and even the twins enjoyed a little jousting!

IMG_3332 IMG_3339


The twins were dressed to party 🙂 They had a great time watching all the big kids. Also, Nana and Meema let them have pizza (and I think some cake!!) which they got ALL OVER their cute outfits. It was an awesome day for them!

IMG_9334We gave Noah his last gift from us after the birthday party– a fort kit. He has been building forts daily with this kit ever since!

IMG_9395The first fort that Noah and his Daddy built almost touched the ceiling! Now, we try to keep the forts confined to the playroom upstairs! 🙂

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